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Used ProtoTRAK 2460 with SLX CNC control

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The ProtoTRAK 2460 SLX is a heavy duty CNC lathe with a 4+ inch spindle thru hole and two speed range gear box, providing a 40-1800 rpm working range. This machine includes 3 CNC upgrades, and 2 machine upgrades: Advanced Features, Networking/Memory, and 'Traking' which allows the user to handwheel jog the CNC through a program at whatever speed they choose to proof it, a great safety feature. Includes tailstock, coolant pump, and auto lube.

The machine is in good condition, and clean as pictures show. Includes pictured BTC 4 and 6 jaw chucks, as well as 14 Aloris quick change tool holders, all quality tooling. ProtoTRAK 2460, an easy to use CNC lathe with the added safety of Traking, this lathe will sell fast, very rare to get a used one.

Basic Specs:
2-Axis CNC, threading, contouring, auto cycle tool paths, and many other 'canned' program routines
1800 max rpm

220/440-3Phase, 15 HP

24 inch swing, 40 between centers
CNC made in USA, Taiwan IRON

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