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Used Lagun FTV 2 with ProtoTRAK AGE2 2-Axis CNC control

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The ProtoTRAK A.G.E 2 is a simple to program 2 axis cnc package that keeps the user in control at all times, whether in DRO, full CNC Run, Power feed, or Do-one modes. Auto Geometry Engine adds simplicity as it auto generates missing data during the programming mode. (read more below in the sales brochure)

The quill is used manually during the machining process to bring the Z axis into play, which is prompted on-screen during cnc run. This CNC is retro-fitted on a high quality Lagun FTV2 milling machine, and includes precision x and y ballscrews to improve accuracy.

Basic Specs:
2-Axis CNC
220/440-3Phase, 3 HP
9 x 50 inch Table
R8 Spindle

Includes a programming manual