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Used ProtoTRAK Quik Cell with QMV 3-Axis CNC control

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The ProtoTRAK Quik Cell is a mini-bedmill with a programmable heavy duty 40 Taper 5000 rpm electronic spindle. Machine includes Kurt air tool changer and remote-stop-go button for control. Good for small parts or second operation jobs (original concept was to move machine around the production shop depending on work load using a pallet mover). Low hour machine, paint is all original.

SWI Spec Sheet

Southwestern Industries, Inc.
TRAK Quik Cell

TRAK Quik Cell Mill Specifications
" Table Size - 19 5/8" x 14"
" T-Slots (width x no. x pitch) - 5/8" x 4 x 3 1/8"
" Table Travel - 14"
" Quill Diameter - 3 15/16"
" Spindle Taper - #40 NST
" Spindle Speed Range - 250-5000 RPM
" Spindle Nose to Table - 18"
" Spindle Center to Column Face - 15 ¾"
" Maximum Head Travel - 18"
" Spindle Motor - 2HP
" Power Requirement - 220V, 3 phase, 60 Hz, 6.6 amp
" Maximum Weight on Table - 880 lbs.
" Maximum Work Capacities - Drilling 5/8", Tapping 3/8", Milling 2 in3/min, Boring 3 ¾"
" Net Dimensions (l x w x h), 31 ½" x 55" x 78"
" Machine Net Weight - 2750 lbs.
" Shipping Weight - 3000 lbs.
" Footprint (width x depth) - 22" x 46.5"
" Rapid Feed X, Y - 150 in/min
" Rapid Feed Z - 125 in/min

Control Hardware Specifications
" 3-axis CNC, 3-axis DRO
" Industrial PC-based processor
" Z-axis ballscrew and motor integrated into the QCM-1 column
" Digital servo amplifiers custom designed for QMV operation
" DC servo motors rated at 280 in-oz continuous torque for the X, Y and Z axis
" Precision ground ball screws in table, saddle and ram
" Polycarbonate sealed keyboard and gasket sealed control enclosure to lock out contamination
" 9" CRT for clear presentation of prompts, status information and part graphics
" RS232 port for interface to computers
" Modular design simplifies service and maximizes uptime
" 230 V/3 phase/3.3 KVA
" Dual floppy disk drive with one drive accessible for additional part program storage
" Auxiliary Function Box for control of spray mist coolant, spindle off, a 110 AC outlet and a programmable rotary table

Software Specifications
" AGE Profile programming allows easy part programming at the machine even with incomplete print data
" Tool compensation allows programming of the part rather than the tool path
" Two and three-axis circular interpolation makes arcs and any size hole easy to do with standard tools
" Two and three-axis linear interpolation to machine lines at any angle
" Conrad provides automatic corner radius programming with one data input
" Incremental and absolute programming can be mixed within an event
" Error messages to identify programming mistakes
" Programmable AC spindle motor control
" Override of programmed feedrate and rapid
" Spindle speed override

" Machine tool error and backlash compensation custom set for your machine
" Jog and powerfeed capabilities
" Program downloading from Off-Line CAD/CAM systems via a modified FANUC 6 post-processor
" Software programmable keys to keep procedures uncomplicated
" Part graphics displayed before machining or during run (real time)
" Math Help for finding points in a prompted format guided by graphics
" Mirror image and rotation of programmed events
" Scaling of print data
" Helical interpolation useful for thread milling
" Tool length offset including modifications to make small adjustments to cutting depth without having to change the program
" 3D graphics with selectable views

Canned Cycles
" Posn/Drill - single point
" Bolt Hole - series of points evenly spaced around a circle
" Mill - a straight line in any direction
" Arc - any portion of a circle
" Tapping routine (for floating tap holders)
" Continue mill and arc routines
" Pocket - a rectangle, polygon, circle or irregular shape and all the material inside, includes finish cut
" Frame - a perimeter of a rectangle or circle, includes finish cut
" Repeat - mirror and rotation of programmed events
" Drill and bore routines
" Helix - for thread milling
" Copy - repeat, mirror and rotation of programmed events with the ability to edit them

" The SWI Customer Service Group provides after-sale support over the telephone via a toll-free service number - (800) 367-3165.
" Machine design makes self-service easy for when the customer is able to resolve the problem.
" Express Exchange program in which nearly all electronic and mechanical sub-assemblies are in stock. In response to a problem, any parts you need may be shipped to arrive the next day.

Available Options/Accessories
" Connection boxes
" Offline programming
" DNC for 3-axis CAM programs
" Remote Stop/Go switch